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Nigerian Business in UK

Venue: The Cumberland Great Cumberland Place London W1H 7DL United Kingdom REIMFIN is designed to focus on the real estate sector in Nigeria. There is no doubt about it that the Nigerian real estate sector is booming and investors especially Nigerians in Diaspora need to learn where the opportunities are. The summit is also designed to engender close relationship among participants towards building new business partnership in the new Nigeria Mortgage Refinancing Company (NMRC) and how they can access mortgage in Nigeria.for more Nigerian Business in UK OBJECTIVES The primary objective of the 2-day summit is to create awareness and investment opportunities for Real Estate and Mortgage Finance Companies and organisations in Nigeria and in the UK. Other objectives include: •To expose real estate investment opportunities in Nigeria to the outside world •To provide an avenue where participants can network and exchange ideas •To enable participants understand the realities of mortgage financing in Nigeria and how they can take advantage of the scheme The event will also provide a niche networking platform for participants who have been carefully selected based on their strategic and leadership positions in their respective areas of business. Your organisation as well as other Nigeria based organisations will have the unique opportunity of engaging with key players in strategic areas of the economy on a one to one “fact finding” discussion and explore various investment opportunities that may be mutually beneficial.
16.10.14 09:30
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