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Nigerian Directory in Falz Releases New Music Video “How Far” To Commemorate With Nigeria’sUK Lawyer turned rapper Folarin Falana also known as Falz has released the video to ‘How far’ ft. Sir Dauda.‘How far’ is a single off his album ‘Wazup guy’ which dropped a few months ago after other hit songs such as ‘Toyin Tomato’, ‘Cool Parry’ and more. With only a number of rappers in Nigeria talking about the state of the country,Nigerian Directory in UK this song is a much needed rap tune especially in this season as Nigeria marks her 54th independence anniversary. The video also complements the song and does enough justice to the song. While listening and bumping your head to the song, the message of the song is still very clear – how far can we say we have really come in Nigeria after 54 years of independence?
16.10.14 09:38
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