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Nigerians living in UK

A British-based Nigerian friend the other suggested that there were at most 200,000 Nigerians living in the UK, based on his experience of how many Nigerians he meets as he goes about his business. This raises the question of how many Nigerians do actually live in the UK and where they live.for moreNigerians living in UK Of course, to begin answering the question, we must define terms: do we refer to people born in Nigeria of one or more Nigerian parents, or do we refer to people of Nigerian heritage (ie take into account second or even third gen Nigerians?) If the latter, the figure is far higher than might be imagined. The British Foreign Office estimates that between 800,000 and 3,000,000 Nigerians live in UK (ie up to 20% of the UK’s population!). The Office of National Statistics estimates a growth rate of just over 5% for the category of “black Africans” (many of whom are Nigerian). In any case, the Nigerian diaspora in the UK is far larger than that of the US and has already changed the balance of black cultural influence in the UK away from the Carribean towards Africa. However, as the Nigerian population in places like Peckham (a.k.a Yorubatown or Little Lagos) matures, it seems that the Nigerian cultural influence itself is slowly waning. Despite the Nigerian population growing across time in Peckham, the Yoruba language is not matching this growth rate and is in fact declining. As more Nigerians settle in the UK, the languages (and cultural regimes) from back home fade away from one generation to the next. While black British culture is increasingly Africanised, the cultural specifities become mixed and diluted.
16.10.14 09:39
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